Taneaa K-T (SYD)



  • Name:
    Taneaa K-T (SYD)
  • Height:
    5 7"
  • Bust:
  • Waist:
  • Hips:
  • Dress:
  • Shoe:
  • Hair:
  • Eyes:

  • Biography:

    Taneaa is a gorgeous, half Chilean and half Kiribati (Pacific Islander) women. Although she was never taught either language, Taneaa was taught Kiribati dancing. Both cultures have made her family, love and respect a big part of who Taneaa is. She loves giving things a go at least once and has created it a motto that she lives by. Taneaa has just completed her Diploma in Business and is currently studying online for her Associates Degree in Business and Commerce. She love's anything creative, whether it be cooking, painting, makeup or playing with different fashion aesthetics. 

    Taneaa’s first photoshoot was a way for her to feel more comfortable and accepting of her body. Taneaa hated having to feel like there was something wrong with it due to society's beauty standards. Taneaa now doesn’t feel like there is something wrong with her size. She love’s her body now, how it was before and what it will be in the future.