Christopher (SYD)



  • Name:
    Christopher (SYD)
  • Height:
    6 1"
  • Chest:
    32 ½
  • Waist:
    28 ½
  • Suit:
  • Collar:
  • Shoe:
  • Hair:
    Dark Brown
  • Eyes:

  • Biography:

    Salutations Beautiful People! My name is Christopher S but you can call me Chris! I have many loves and passions including beauty and fashion (of course). I am also a massive nerd and a stickler for binge watching movies and TV shows (I like to think of myself as a bit of a critic). I absolutely love music. I have played piano for over 16 years! I also have a bit of an obsession with makeup, having created a YouTube channel under my own personal brand that I have created called "Christopher Julian" which is something I'm hoping to pursue in my future.